Marilyn (my iPhone) Has A Disease

My iPhone has internal issues. When I’m talking to someone, I can hear them perfectly, but they cannot hear me at all. The home button is also being difficult. It has been for quite some time, but that never really bugged me. I took the phone to Apple and they told me since my warranty ran out, they could not replace the phone. Basically they let me know that Marilyn has a disease but since she has no insurance, they would not be able to do anything. They gave me a list of things I could do at home. I tried them, and I’m still having the same issue. FML!!!!!

I asked what was my option if that did not work, and she let me know that I could take it back in and would have to pay $150 to replace it. I know I could upgrade to the new iPhone 4S, but as much as I want to, I won’t. I want to wait until the iPhone 5 is available so my contract is officially over and I can get thew new phone at a lower price. At this moment I’m restoring my phone back to how it was. My phone was being a slut and got some dreadful STD. Now here I am paying the price.

I honestly don’t talk too much on the phone, but with the situations I am currently dealing with, I need to have my phone ready to answer those important calls.

Now I just have to wait until tomorrow to say goodbye to the current body Marilyn has, and await for the new and improved one. No evening appointments until Tues, so I booked one during my lunch tomorrow. I’m taking off to handle this ASAP!!!

iPhone 5, please come out this year. I’m a bit jealous of those who have Siri.

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