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The Cabin in The Woods – Review



Firstly, I want to say that there really is no way to truly spoil THE CABIN IN THE WOODS if you have seen the trailer. But It is a film you should experience before people spoil the fun.

I believe that horror fans, genre fans, or just geeks in general will love this film. It’s not a film for everyone though. I can already see the general public say that this movie sucked because it’s not scary. Quite honestly, if you get the true message of the film, then ou will know its not meant to be scary. If you are looking for a straight out horror film, go watch the classics.

What you will find here though, is a wonderful script full of funny, witty, suspenseful, and entertaining moments. Critics have said that this film deconstructs the horror genre, and while I can see how they concluded to that, I feel that it goes on a deeper level than that. It’s a film that caters to this genres true fans. It really gets down to the bare basics of a horror film and completely manipulates what we as the audience think we know. CABIN takes what audiences know and love about horror films and it uses that it it’s advantage. It takes the things we love and the things we hate from horror films and it keeps the audience on their toes guessing where the film will go and how it will end.

What SCREAM did for this genre 16 years ago, THE CABIN IN THE WOODS will possibly do again. By no means is it a complete game changer like SCREAM was, but it will redefine the genre by going away from the torture porn we have been seeing recently. What I hope comes from this is smart, suspenseful and great films! CABIN just gets it. It gets it and does it right. It’s proof that we are still able to get a film that is both smart and original. Kudos to Whedon and Goddard.

THE CABIN IN THE WOODS promised to be an unpredictable horror movie and it delivered something else entirely, which quite frankly was really awesome! I really dug it!!

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