The Fault In Our Stars – Prime’s Book Club Selection


So I decided to read A FAULT IN OUR STARS by John Green before I venture into the epic world of George R. R. Martin’s A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE. Granted, I already started reading a few chapters (character chapters?-Those who have read or are reading it will understand) and I just gotta say I am LOVING it!! The detail!! Amazing!!

Any-who, I wanted to try and fit a few books I was anxious to read before diving into the hefty books Martin has published, but I think this will be the only one.

I read some reviews and some people have stated that this book has made them cry. I have yet to read a book that has made me cry. Will this be the first?

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  1. Oh danggggg, I want to read Looking for Alaska by him! Did you finish this book? How was it? I’m looking for books to read now that I am done with 50 Shades!

    • I read Looking For Alaska. It’s really good! I LOVE John Green! My boss told me to read House Of Leaves. Look that one up. The book looks interesting! Some of the pages are backwards and written in spirals….

      The Fault In our Stars was very very good. And I’ll admit it….. It Got me teary eyed at one point. Maybe 2….. >.<

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