Comic-Con 2012


Seeing this pictures makes me sad. This is the first in a few years that I missed comic-con. What made this year worse was the fact that Firefly was going to have a 10 year reunion. That right there KILLED me!

I talked to one of my directors at work who was attending this year and we talked about all things Whedon. I told her if I was attending I would be in line at 2am for the Firefly panel. When I saw the above picture of Comic-Con on twitter, with the words, “Joss Whedon meeting with fans in line at 3am!!” I was THIS CLOSE to going HULK SMASH on everything around me!! I almost shed a tear.

Although Comic-Con has changed and has become too overcrowded, it’s still a fun convention! I always said that the Twilight crowd killed Comic-Con, but in reality their fans are geeks, just like us, albeit on something I don’t enjoy. Now with the mommy porn, 50 Shades of Gray, being turned into a movie, I’m sure it will be replacing the void Twilight will leave.

I’m going to get tickets for next year. I have a few friends who live out in San Diego, so hopefully if they are still there, I can crash a few nights at their place! But I will say that having a hotel in the Gaslamp district is ALWAYS fun!

Sorry I missed you this year Comic-Con, but next year, I shall be in you!

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