Time For A Change….?

For quite some time I’ve been debating whether I should keep an actual journal or just blog about my thoughts here. As much as I want to be open about certain things I have on my mind, sometimes I have second thoughts about it. Not that they are bad or anything, but there are some things I just want to not completely share with everyone.

At the same time though, I also want to write some more. Nothing like a book or stories, but just do some more writing in general and a journal seems like the perfect thing to satisfy this urge.

I do feel it’s easier to just type on a keyboard and hit the submit button, but I have always wanted to keep a journal and I always say I want to do certain things and I never do. Maybe it’s time I try and commit myself to try it out. The more I think of it the more lazy I feel I would get in actually writing in it.

Anywho, we all have things on our mind, but recently I’ve been really focusing on a couple of things that have begun bugging me a bit. Things I want to mull over and come back to at a later time because the answer is not something I can come up with right away.

I’m in my last year of my mid-twenties (god….. time is just flying by so fast!) and it’s kind of scary. Friends are having kids and starting families, and I’m so happy for them! I feel like they are my kids by association. Take a look at lil Robbie, a gorgeous future stud in the making:

I LOVE This little boy to death!!

I still don’t feel my age though. I still don’t feel like I’m ready for that step in my life right now. Heck, I’m still single!!! Having a kid right now would have me skip a few steps and I ain’t ready for that, yet!

I don’t feel my age. I feel like I’m still in my early twenties. I’m having fun, enjoying life and am happy where I am. I know I’m growing as a person as I experience things in this life. That’s the thing, growing up is something we all must face whether we want to or not. I feel like I’m in a stable place in my life right now and I’m ready for something new. Change is coming…. I can feel it and I am ready to welcome it when it comes.

Wow, this totally went somewhere I did not intend!

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  1. Are you pregnant Charlie?

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