Blast From The Past

I was organizing my room earlier and I found this box hidden under some sweaters.


Upon seeing it, I remembered exactly what was inside. Letters, pictures and other items back from my freshman and sophomore year of high school. It’s been YEARS since I have gone through this box, and I decided it was time I take a stroll through memory lane.


I didn’t read through everything, but I did read through some letters I randomly picked. I’m overfilled with joy right now. These items are over a decade old, and I find that completely insane! The majority of the people I received items from are not in my life anymore. Aside from the memories, these items are all that remain. It’s a good feeling knowing I have kept these items considering all the time that has passed.

The letters and items from friends and a past lover will always be cherished. I re-lived some adventures I had with the help of these letters and I can see how much these moments have helped mold me into the man I am today. I find it comforting in taking some time and reflecting over my past. It’s very nostalgic for me, and I just love it!

Time is an amazing, yet creepy thing. So much has changed from those early high school days. I have retained much of who i was back then, but I’ve also experienced life and have grown up quite a lot. Life has thrown me some crazy curveballs involving my family and friends and I have managed to get through it all.

I have begun to wonder what is happening in the lives of these people who once meant the world to me. Are they happy? Are they achieving their dreams? Have I crossed their minds? Regardless of the differences we may have had in the past, I sincerely hope they are all succeeding in this little thing we like to call life. They all are good people and they all deserve it.

I’m going to go back and read through some more letters and reminisce those glorious years of high school during a time when social media had yet to take over. A time when writing letters was more common than posting on someone’s Facebook wall or leaving a comment on their MySpace page. I’m going back in time for a while! See ya in the future!

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