The Vault

I’ve done the whole club scene when I was younger. (God, that line makes me feel really old. =\ ) But I have. I have said time and time again that I wouldn’t set foot inside another club again unless it was a close friends birthday celebration. I’d prefer to go to a bar, or even a lounge.

Clubs tend to over price their non-strong drinks, have drunk ass people spill shit all over you, and be completely over crowded. If you like this scene, fine by me! To each their own. How did I end up at the club you may ask? Well here’s my story.

I attended my Cousins Kid’s birthday party. Drinks were had, more drinks were had, followed by food and more drinks. I didn’t want to over drink since I was driving the parentals back home.

My friend Jessica hit me up late in the afternoon asking if I wanted to go out. Planning happened and Nessy and Jessica ended up picking me up. We swung by to pick up Karilo and Victor and off we went! Victor screamed at Jessica as she was about to kill a pedestrian walking in the street, which startled her. She screamed at Vic and I found this Hilarious. So did victor as we both sat in the back seat giggling like little girls mocking what had just happened.


When we arrived I saw the place we were headed to and there was a huge line. I knew T that instant we had to pay. Call me naive, but when she told me we were going to The Vault, I thought it was some dive bar. Luckily she knew or was related to the DJ and apparently all we had to do was say, “We love DJ Scream!!” (although we kept saying, ‘We live Ice Cream!’) luckily we didn’t have to say anything and Jessica worked her magic and we got these -get in for free- tokens!


We went ahead of all the people in line and got in for free! I did get patted down by a heavyset security guard who I believed fondled me a bit. I ordered a drink, which was overpriced. $12 fucking bucks for a whiskey sour! Now, my go to bar has them for $4 AND they are fucking strong! I knew that would be my only drink, but I decided to put my club feeling aside and just go with it and have a good time.

Now I know I may not be a catch, but many of the people there looked like fucking rats! Anywho, I danced the night away to random fog being blown across the dance floor to some repetitive music.






Once we decide to head out, we saw this gal fall on the floor. I’m talking about legs up in the air as her whole back was later against the nasty ass wet floor. We laughed, headed out and decide to meet Jessica’s cousin at iHop. We decided not to stay so we headed back to the car.










We dropped off Vic, and went back to HP. I was still hungry and Nessy said we should just get Tommy’s as they all wanted to have the Hershey squirts the next day. So we went, saw some prostitutes dancing by a car in the parking lot and then went home.

I had fun. It was a good Saturday night. Although, I am ready to hit my dive bar as I feel I cheated on her with last nights outing.

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  1. You forgot to mention our homeles valet.

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