So my friend text me yesterday morning saying Green Day Tickets were going on sale in a few hours. I was on it and managed to score a ticket! Excited I text my friend to see if he got his and he didn’t. Damn ticket fly not being punctual with the sale. I knew I should have bought 2 tickets, but I didn’t.

I took off rather late to the show but managed to score prime parking! The line to get inside the venue was long. I met a couple and we began chit chatting and making fun of this young couple in front of me complaining about having to make their daughter breakfast every morning. Some Australian guy was behind us laughing along with us too.


They were taping the show, so I assume it will be included in the cd/dvd they may possibly release. It took a while but when I finally got in I forwent going to the pit and went straight to the bar. I ordered myself a drink and went to the side of the stage and who comes up next to me? It’s Jake, the Australian guy. I was introduced to his Irish friend and we just hung out and sang Green Day songs for a few hours!




The show Itself was just amazing! They tarted off with a few old school classics and dove into songs from their upcoming LP. They played for a good hour and 30 minutes. I was tired at this point. The Insanity workout I had done earlier caught up with me. Overall I give the night an A+, although I do wish my friends would have scored some tickets too. =(

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