Monthly Archives: September 2012

iPhone 5 is coming.


My body is ready.

Apple just announce their conference being held on Wednesday, September 12th, 2012, just as speculated. The iPhone 5 will be announced, with the release date being announced as well. If rumors hold true, we shall have the new phone on September 21st, 2012!

I will be working on the 12th, but I will be refreshing my phone and web browser at work to make sure I read every detail of this new iPhone model that WILL be mine. I don’t care if I have to sell my soul, I NEED this new phone. Yes, not want, NEED!!!

I hope they showcase some neat stuff this phone will be capable of doing. Hopefully it’s not just a small upgrade from the iPhone 4S.

A little over a week to go. Time goes by so slowly…..

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