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I haven’t been keeping up blogging about my life as much as I wanted, and I kind of blame the Journal I’ve been keeping. I’m surprised that I’ve kept up with it since I started it back up again in late July. Maybe I’ll post journal entries here (although SOME may be slightly edited). As I stated in my previous journal entry, I always start, but never keep up with it. This time, it’s changed.

I’m glad I have my journal. In a few year, I want to be able to go back and read entries and just rehash my life at certain points in time. I only wish I would have kept it up years prior, as I would have loved to read about the thoughts I had in certain situations that have passed and are now gone. They only exist in my memory, and I’m ok with that.

I want to add more to this site. Maybe start vlogging soon. I still have a project I want to do, and maybe 2013 will be the perfect time to make it happen.

So much planned, so little time, but only one life to live and I must do the most with the time i have here. I mean, if I don’t, then what’s the point of living and experiencing things? Right….?

Vegas: Part 1

Almost 2 weeks ago I headed with co workers to Vegas! I thought the best times in Vegas were had when I last went a few years ago, but I was dead wrong!!

I got Friday off of work, and we took off around 11am. We picked up friends, grubbed at some sandwich place, then proceeded NorthEast to Sin City. We made a pit stop in Baker to buy some Beef Jerky at Alien Fresh Jerky.




Upon our purchases (including the Colon Cleaner Hot jerky) we proceeded the final trek to Vegas. Laury has the hook ups, and got us upgraded to a Suite at the Encore. The full stay was covered and we paid nothing! Awesome!!!




We had some spectacular views! While waiting for our final friend to arrive via flight, we were getting our pre partying started! We ventured off to Fat Tuesday to get Vegas started right!

Many shots and drinks, plus the half yard piña colada had us really buzzed already. We were in no condition to pick up Christine, so she had to take a cab ride.


Upon her arrival, we started drinking and began getting ready for the first nights festivities. Laury had met a promoter on our Fat Tuesday adventure and we got hook ups to head to Tryst nightclub in our own Casino. We all got dressed, drank more and headed out for the night.




Every time I’ve previously gone to Vegas, I’ve never gone out to the clubs. We always just pre drink, gamble, drink out on the strip, wall around, drink some more, eat and then drink some more. The clubs gave me a whole new experience and appreciation for Vegas. Guys may have to pay, (and in some instances north of $50, but with fun people, it’s SO worth it) and once we got in, we drank way more than we should have, danced the night away and had a blast. Vegas clubs are just a sight to see. I was surprised at the decor and ambiance.





I don’t recall what time it was when we left, but we headed out and wandered the casino for a bit. When we got to the suite, I remember wanting to eat. I had told Yoyce about a cheap foot long hot dog that they had close by and how we should go cos I was craving one (enter penis jokes here).

I didn’t have to really convince anyone cos all but 2 of the 7 of is went. I treated the lot that night and thankfully because of that late night (……errrr early morning?) adventure, I didn’t wake up with a hangover!


We proceeded back to the room in the wee hours of the morning, tired and drunk. As we all fell asleep I couldn’t help but imagine what was in store for us the next day…

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