Workout- Update


As you can see, I’ve really come a long way regarding my workouts and me getting in shape. I took like a 2 month break just cos I felt like I went at it way too hard. Last week, I began the workout regimen again and changed my eating habits once again. I feel great, look better and have vegan to she’d a few more pounds.

This time I’m re-doing Insanity with co workers after work. It’s a great motivation to have people there to keep you focused. I began to incorporate more ab, arm and chest workouts. I’m focused on toning my body and really getting in shape. I don’t wanna be squishy anymore.

Lets hope this sticks till the end of the year, and possibly beyond!

Oh, and I’ve had the BIGGEST craving for Chipotle. I’ve only eaten there twice in my life, but for some reason my urge to go has skyrocketed these past 2 weeks. Looks like I need a trip fairly soon!

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