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Lana Del Rey


I’ve had the Lana Del Rey album Born To Die since it was released. I listened to it, liked it, but never fully realized how great of an album it was. When she released her Paradise EP, I was just amazed at how astounding it was. I went back and listened to Born To Die again, and it was as if I had just listened to it for the first time. For the past few weeks I have been getting her unreleased tracks and the Lizzy Grant songs she has.

My Lana kick has yet to be fully satisfied. I just can’t get enough of her right now. I have introduced her music to a few friends and the feedback has been positive, which honestly surprised me because its not their typical genre of music.

I want to see her perform live. I’m hoping she tours because I will be there front and center!

My musical taste has broadened beyond anything I could have imagined. Usually I’ve always gave bands or artists outside of my liking a try, but recently I’ve noticed a shift in my musical likings. I’m digging this new shift as I have come to appreciate music in a different way.

Any recommendations you may have of bands or artists you think I should give a listen to, shoot em my way!

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