Halloweens of the Past

Every year I say I will start making my Halloween costume in the beginning of October so I have enough time to finish it. Of course, as tradition typically goes, I wait until a few days before to get started.


In high school, I made a Link costume from The Legend Of Zelda. Back then Cosplay wasn’t even a word or world I knew existed. Using felt, and the sewing skills of my mother, I designed a costume that I thought wasn’t bad looking at all for a first timer. I’ll post a pic when I get one I have at home.

3 years ago I dressed up as QuailMan from the cartoon Doug.


2 years ago I dressed up as KidVid from the Burger King Kids Club.


Last year I originally wanted to do Nightwing, but wasn’t comfortable enough to wear the suit needed for that, so I instead decided to dress up as Jack Frost. I think the best part of this whole costume was the staff that I made from scratch!


Researching more and more, I got more creative with my costumes and found new materials I could use to amp up their designs. This years costume…… I’ll dedicate my next post to that as I’m adding the finishing touches to it now.

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