Last night I went to Whole Foods Market with Jessica. It was the first time setting foot inside this place. We had some late dinner first and then ventured around the market. The closest one is not as far as I thought, considering its In Pasadena.

When we were paying for her groceries, the friendly cashier asked one of the regular customers to tell us about COAL. This elderly bearded man came up to us, introduced himself and asked us if we were together. We said no, that we were just friends and he smiled and said that’s what he meant, as he had a feeling we were just that, and nothing more. He then asked if we knew what COAL stood for. We both said No, and he the proceeded to tell us….

“C” is for Curiosity. We are all curious about things and this is a fundamental thing for us to have. Curiosity is the key that drives us in life. Curiosity got you to listen to me.

“O” is for Openness. We need to be open in life to anything and everything. We need to be open to new experiences. It’s the key to the next step.

“A” is for Acceptance. We need to accept things for what it is. We need to accept that things aren’t always what we think to be right. We need to learn tolerance and acceptance in what life brings us.

He then asked is we knew that “L” stood for. I answered Love! He applauded and said, “Yes!” He told us that COAL always brings him to new things and helps him in meeting new people. He hopes that we can help in spreading this message to others as its his mantra for living life. To be quite honest, this will stick with me. I really liked the meaning of it all. COAL….. One small word, one HUGE concept.

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