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iPhone 5 is coming.


My body is ready.

Apple just announce their conference being held on Wednesday, September 12th, 2012, just as speculated. The iPhone 5 will be announced, with the release date being announced as well. If rumors hold true, we shall have the new phone on September 21st, 2012!

I will be working on the 12th, but I will be refreshing my phone and web browser at work to make sure I read every detail of this new iPhone model that WILL be mine. I don’t care if I have to sell my soul, I NEED this new phone. Yes, not want, NEED!!!

I hope they showcase some neat stuff this phone will be capable of doing. Hopefully it’s not just a small upgrade from the iPhone 4S.

A little over a week to go. Time goes by so slowly…..

iPhone 5…?

I never got an iPhone 4S. Reason being that I said I would patiently wait for the iPhone 5 to come out. Now rumors always ran rampant about the look of the phone. Today pictures were leaked and they seem legit!! Rumor has it that it will be announced on September 12th and the actual phone would be released on Septemer 21st!!! SQUEE!!!!!!!

Granted, it’s still a rumor, but this just gets me excited beyond anything! It’s time for my Marilyn to get a little makeover and I’m DYING for the new iPhone!

Take a look at the rumored new look!








Looks legit to me! Although many “leaked” pictures look legit, many credible sites have been confirming announcement date and release date. It’s safe to say that we may have finally got a real good look at the new iPhone 5. If true, September can’t come fast enough!!

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