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Halloween & Day of the Dead

This years Annual Halloween outing included Kidvic, Jeff and Vanessa (her first Hollywood outing). This was my 4th year heading to Hollywood, and it’s become a tradition now. My ass got grabbed quite a few times and I didn’t really care until I was in line ordering pizza and some dude just got a handful grab of my derrière. Wasn’t expecting that, but I was starving and I got my pizza, so meh!

The night was super fun. I saw some awesome costumes and many scantily-clad hotties. We were debating going to a bar, but the lines were SUPER long, and it began to sprinkle at this point so we decided on heading back to the car as it was about 1am at this point. People in the streets were cheering and dancing, and I will say it was pretty cool. Our trek to the car became a nightmare when out of nowhere gushes of water fell from the sky. Pandemonium struck and people in the streets began screaming and running looking for cover. Some girl tried to jump a puddle, landed wrong and rolled in the puddle. She got up, looked around and said, “I’m fine. I’m fine. I still want to go dancing!” Brave girl because if that was me, I would have been mortified. Wearing a zentai suit with only my boxer briefs underneath did not help as the rain continued. We got to the car soaking wet, and drove home.

The day after was the Day of the Dead festival at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. I had never been to it before and have always wanted to attend. I ended up going with Vanessa and Lulu. A bottle of wine was our pre parting drink of choice, and having not eaten much earlier that day, it did its job fairly quickly. Before entering the cemetery, we got a street dog, and if you are not familiar with these, they are hot dogs wrapped in bacon and toppled with onions, bell peppers and condiments. My god, there is no other hotdogs that come close to these amazing motherfuckers!


Jessica and Nessy went separately and took their kids. We were supposed to meet up with them inside, but we never found each other. We ended up getting double shot margaritas to warm up. The way the altars were decorated was really a sight to see. I’m not a very spiritual or religious person, but this whole thing was fascinating to me.






We decided to all meet up in Downtown LA, specifically The Broadway Bar. Daylight savings time was coming to an end and we would gain an hour, so we were hoping for an extra hour of booze. When we got there, we ended up meeting with an old middle school friend and the people he was there with. We got some drinks throughout the remainder of the night and ended up spending about an hour and a half outside the bar after they had closed. We ended up getting some pizza and one of the guys I met ended up giving me condoms and comparing me to looking like an actor. He was so drunk, and although his friend was super annoyed at his behavior, I had a lot of fun.



The ride home with Vanessa, Lulu and Jessica was the most interesting part of the night due to the conversation we had. I fucking love these girls!!

Halloweens of the Past

Every year I say I will start making my Halloween costume in the beginning of October so I have enough time to finish it. Of course, as tradition typically goes, I wait until a few days before to get started.


In high school, I made a Link costume from The Legend Of Zelda. Back then Cosplay wasn’t even a word or world I knew existed. Using felt, and the sewing skills of my mother, I designed a costume that I thought wasn’t bad looking at all for a first timer. I’ll post a pic when I get one I have at home.

3 years ago I dressed up as QuailMan from the cartoon Doug.


2 years ago I dressed up as KidVid from the Burger King Kids Club.


Last year I originally wanted to do Nightwing, but wasn’t comfortable enough to wear the suit needed for that, so I instead decided to dress up as Jack Frost. I think the best part of this whole costume was the staff that I made from scratch!


Researching more and more, I got more creative with my costumes and found new materials I could use to amp up their designs. This years costume…… I’ll dedicate my next post to that as I’m adding the finishing touches to it now.

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