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Wallpaper. at the Roxy

Whenever Wallpaper. is in town, Lulu and I make it a point to see them. This began since the first time we saw them perform at the Echo when they opened for The Astro Galaxy Tour. As the Astro Galaxy Tour performed, we went forwent seeing them and went to hang out with Ricky Reed amongst the crowd. We saw him blow up to the producer he is now, working with big list talent and having these records reach the Top 3 in Billboard Hot 100.

Before our trek to the Roxy, we decided to go get some wings at Hot Wings Cafe on Melrose Ave. We didn’t want to pay a lot for parking so we parked near some local small bars in Hollywood and walked a few blocks to the venue. Little did we know it would start drizzling as we were walking uphill.

Wallpaper. did not disappoint during their performance. They went as far as to play jams from their first album when it was just Ricky and Arjun and they used a projector for effects.








Once the show ended we were walking back down to the car when we saw Christopher Mintz-Plasse with his friends. We felt a bit weird to ask for a picture, so we just continued our trek then headed home.

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