Monthly Archives: March 2015

Face Value

I tried to convince myself that I was going to stop fucking with somebody, but then there I was waiting on them to do something to change my mind.

I’ve decided to stop the bullshit and take things for face value. People show you who they are. We can’t hope that they will change, because they won’t. If they act and treat you like they don’t care or give a shit, then they really don’t care or give a shit. 

This goes for everyone: friends, family, dating, ect.  I’m tired and done wasting my time and effort. I deserve better. 

Am I Too Picky….?

I’ve been asked out on dates and have turned them down. Am I just so uninterested in everyone or am I being too picky?  

Here’s a tip: Ask me out for pizza or nachos and I won’t say no. 😜

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